P. Dempsey and Company Ad from the late 1800's

Here is an ad for P. Dempsey & Company from the late 1800's - before the company expanded to Boston.

P.Dempsey & Co Ad from the Lowell Sun

P. Dempsey and Company Involved in Riot Over Rum

Here is an interesting article from 1871 which involves the founder of P.Dempsey and Company (the original producer of Butterfly Absinthe).    It is an interesting view into the life in the 1870's in Massachusetts for Irish immigrants.


P.Dempsey & Company Rum Riot


Wormwood Farming in the USA in 1902

This article from 1902 shows how wormwood was grown and used in the USA in the early 1900's. 

Wormwood Farms USA

American Wormwood Production and Exportation

This article notes production of wormwood in the USA. 
Source: Chicago Daily Tribune from April 12, 1903.  Page 46.

American Absinthe Production

Distilleries in Boston Helped Start the American Revolution

The following in an interesting historical piece on the history of distilling in Boston and how the industry played a part in the Revolutionary War.

Boston's Absinthe Industry

Exporting of Boston's Absinthe in the 1800’s

Ad for the Universal Film Absinthe from 1914

Ad for "Absinthe"
The Moving Picture World, Volume 19, Issues 1-7
By Moving Picture Exhibitors' Association

absinthe film 1914 ad

Absinthe Movie Poster No 1

Absinthe Movie Poster 1


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