Isn’t absinthe a drug? Will absinthe make me hallucinate, high or make me go crazy, etc..?
No. There isn’t any scientific basis for any of these myths. It can be argued that these myths were created and perpetuated to either stop absinthe consumption or promote a product that can’t be sold solely on the basis of taste and quality. Butterfly should be enjoyed with the intent of sampling an unique handcrafted absinthe made with the highest ingredients by one of the world’s best absinthe distillers.

If Butterfly was an old American brand, why make it Switzerland? The driving force behind the project was creating the best absinthe possible without regard to a specific geographic location. Butterfly Absinthe is made in Couvet, Switzerland by Claude-Alain Bugnon - one of the most talented absinthe distillers of our time.

How does Butterfly Absinthe compare to the absinthe produced in Boston in the early 1900’s?
It is impossible to say. We use an authentic recipe from the original distiller. Since a surviving sample of the 1900’s Butterfly has yet to surface, we can’t make any claim of creating a mirror product. The flavor profile of the modern Butterfly Absinthe is consistent with reports of American absinthe from the 1900’s. It should also be noted that cloning a century old absinthe is a near impossible task. There are far too many variables that impact the flavor of an absinthe to make such an endeavor feasible. For instance, the plants used in absinthe evolve and change from year to year (this fact is only compounded when speaking in terms of decades). How ingredients are selected and handled prior to use also plays a major part in the final product. These important points are not covered in even the most detailed recipe and impossible to recreate without the aid of time travel. Only the finest herbs, spices and flowers are used in the modern Butterfly Absinthe. They are sourced from around the globe and chosen specifically for their high quality. We hope our absinthe would make Mr. Dempsey proud and be deemed worthy of sharing the beautiful label.

Where is Butterfly Absinthe available?
Butterfly Absinthe is currently available in USA, Europe and Asia and is sold via retailers that ship to most parts of the globe. Please visit our Availability Page for more information.